LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey

Annual Conference


ERA’s 2017 annual conference main theme is: “Empower ourselves, Challenge the system, Transform societies”.

Our common struggles in the region continue to revolve around three main areas:

a) LGBTI community and activists alike are highly vulnerable to discrimination, exclusion or violence. Self-harm and isolation play an important part;

b) The systems we live in are still not fully inclusive to LGBTI communities, and in many aspects LGBTI rights remain marginal, neglected and in a many cases openly opposed. LGBTI people’s access to democratically elected institutions, justice and services continue to face serious challenges;

c) Meanwhile, working with societies, changing public attitudes and perceptions continues to be done only by LGBTI organizations and activists, while mainstreaming these rights are still a challenge;


Through this conference we want to encourage further discussions on these three main themes by taking opportunity of the activists, experts and allies who will join us from countries of the Western Balkans, Turkey and others.


What’s different about this year’s conference is its methodology. In order to encourage more direct interaction and authentic personal and group initiatives we are going to offer the Open Space Technology (OST) methodology. Through it, participants will be driven by their personal passions, similar interests and priorities, and come up with concrete follow up results whether they are recommendations, plans of cooperation, activities and campaigns or simply getting inspired either on a personal or professional level.


On the first day of the conference, participants will be invited to pitch-in their ideas and proposals for different sessions. The topic can be anything that each and every one of the participants see as relevant. The other participants will then decide which sessions to join.  To learn more about the OST Methodology click on this link:


Partners and Supporters:

This conference is being organized in partnership with Queer Montenegro, Juventas, LGBT Forum Progress and Spectra.

This conference is financially supported by the European Commission, Federal Foreign Office of Germany and Hirschfeld-Eddy-Foundation. 

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