European Network of Parents of LGBTI+ Persons established in Malta

On 21-22 February parent groups from 15 European countries gathered in Malta to set up the volunteer organization “European Network of Parents ENP”. The new network was joined among others, by three ERA region parent groups: TransParent Croatia, Listag Turkey and Open Mind Spectrum Albania.

Parent groups have grown considerably across Europe in the last years, some of whom with strong religious ties, others with political and social involvement all of whom are building important bridges with power structures. Parent groups, recognize the need to fight injustice and stand “in defense of our beloved ones, together as one movement, one voice – to bring about the social change our children naturally deserve”.

The new network is committed to bring to national debates the concerns they face every day, to share good practices, to learn from past mistakes and enhance efforts in solidarity.

The launching conference, offered a unique opportunity to listen to experiences of parents of LGBTI+ persons while witnessing the inception of a new network of parents.