Tear-gas attack targets LGBTI themed party in Croatia. Activists demand government response

A demonstration has been planned today Monday February 13th by Zagreb Pride to take place at Zagreb’s Victims of Fascism Square to condemn the teargas attack of Sunday morning. The attack happened during the LGBTQ themed party at “Super Super” club and resulted in several people getting injuries as they were trying to escape the venue.

One activist from organization Zagreb Pride, Hana Grgic, who was in the venue, testified to the media the response of the police and emergency services. “When I came out, I saw a police car. Emergency was there and was providing assistance to people who were wounded. No one came near us to ask if we needed any help. We were asked to leave the scene. I

Asked how the police acted according to the victims of the attack on the spot, Grgic said, "I'm not legitimate. When I came out, I saw a police car. Emergency has been there and has already provided assistance to people who were cut-open. No one came near to asking us if we need help. it is our recommendation that the sooner we take from the scene. "

Meanwhile, another activist from Zagreb Pride, Jelena Postic, pointed out to the increased direct hate messages and threats received by different people in social media and emails. She said that so far 17 different threats and messages of hate speech have been recorded and will be reported to the police. “They threaten us that they will come today and throw tear gas at us, kill, slaughter us etc.

“We will not deter tear gas. We will not deter threats. We will be proud as all the other years before. Let us show in solidarity that we are brave and courageous. Let’s show that violence will not be tolerated” said the statement. 

In an immediate press statement following the attack Zagreb Pride condemned the attack and demanded the police to carry out fast and effective investigations and to identify and bring to justice those responsible for this attack against citizens.

The organization also pointed out to the increased hatred in public spaces fueled by the increasingly aggressive and louder discourse of the radical clerical right-wing directed against the constitutional values of Croatia and supported by a tactic approval of the Croatian government.

“We have already warned about the Government’s lack of appropriate response to the fascist outbursts in relation to the destruction of the memorial plaque in Jasenovac, as well as the silence of the Government in condemning any form of incitement to hatred. Yesterday’s attack clearly and unequivocally demonstrates the fine line between hatred and violence” the statement said.

Activists demand the Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and the Croatian Government to “resolutely, loudly and clearly condemn this act directed against human rights of LGBTIQ peope..”

Later on today, activists will gather in demonstration to send the message that hate is not a fundamental value of Croatia.