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Our Work

In close cooperation with our members we are advocating for upholding and advancing the human rights of LGBTI people through better legislation, policies and more visibility. We are working simultaneously at national, regional and international levels. We are building partnerships and alliances with all stakeholders who have a role in further advancing LGBTI rights in the Western Balkans and Turkey region.

We are working to enhance and strengthen the capacities of our members in the fields of advocacy, research and public campaigning. We are supporting members to develop and maintain their strategic development, to build and maintain effective organizational structures and to increase their financial capacities and sustainability. We are providing knowledge and expertise to our members. We are promoting regional and inter-regional cooperation. We are working for stronger capacities of our team, Steering Board and working committees. For more information on our Capacity Building work click here.

“We are providing knowledge and expertise to our members”

We understand that European Integration Process is a unique and excellent opportunity for further mainstreaming LGBTI related needs and interests in our countries particularly in relation to legislation and policy. We are lobbying and advocating with the European Union in order to increase pressure on candidate countries by improving their performance, particularly in relation to Chapter 23, namely judiciary and fundamental rights. We are promoting a direct involvement of our members with regards to EU integration and the country delegations, by better utilising this process at the national and international levels. We are strengthening their cooperation with the European Union by providing better quality of information, reports and research on progress and increasing our demands and pressure both at national and international levels. For more information on our work with the European Union click here.


We are working to increase the engagement of our members with national and international stakeholders in relation to implementation of policies, regulations and national action plans. We are promoting a closer cooperation between governments at the regional level in order to share best-practices and facilitate implementation of regional initiatives. We are conducting research on legal gaps, trends, social and institutional perceptions and are creating platforms through advocacy, capacity building and campaigns to inspire concrete changes at the national contexts. For more information on our Public Policy work click here.

We are collecting, documenting and analysing information on trends and demands of the LGBTI community in the region. We are providing up-to-date and accessible knowledge about the status of LGBTI rights in the region. We are developing evidence to inform policy makers on LGBTI issues. We are coordinating and facilitating cooperation in processes of research and development formulation, gathering and data analysis. For more information on our Research and Development work click here.

Latest News


Governorship of Ankara bans all activities of LGBTI organizations on “public morality”...

On Saturday evening, the Governorship of Ankara decided to ban “from November 2018, onwards, activities of LGBTT-LGBTI...

Prishtina marks its first official LGBTI Pride

Even though this was not the first public outdoor event of the country, today Kosovo marked its first Pride Parade, with LGBTI...

Montenegro: progress on situation of Roma and fighting hate crimes, but further steps...

Strasbourg, 19.09.2017 - A new 2012-2017 report on Montenegro published in September 2017, by the Council of Europe’s Anti-racism...

Serbian LGBTI organisations give mixed response to election of Ana Brnabić as Prime...

by Amarildo Fecanji  Belgrade 16 June 2017 - The appointment of 41-year-old Ana Brnabić as Prime Minister of Serbia has garnered...

Gay couple in Croatia denied request for joint adoption

8 June 2017 - Two gay men, in their mid-thirties, filed a suit against the Republic of Croatia, due to discriminatory action from...

No more forced sterilization for trans people in Europe, but trans pathologisation...

This April, the European Court of Human Rights found that sterilization requirement in legal gender recognition violates human...


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