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Biljana Ginova

Biljana has emerged as a visible LGBTI activist in the past 6 years as a part of the LGBTI Support Center and the informal feminist activist group LezFem, both from Skopje, North Macedonia. Biljana has been engaged as a financial coordinator of the Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights  and coordinator of the lesbian feminist group – LezFem since 2013, and as of 2016 is coordinating  the advocacy program of the LGBTI Support Centre. They have been active in the civil society sector in North Macedonia since 2002, and have gained great deal of experience in organizational development, fundraising, financial management and advocacy by taking several roles in different organizations and groups. For over 15 years, Biljana has been dedicated to working towards the improvement of the status and political visibility of different marginalized communities in North Macedonia. They are well networked with a lot of the LGBTI organizations and activists in the Western Balkans and Turkey region and beyond, and focus their work mostly on addressing lesbian and feminist issues in a variety of forums, both nationally and internationally. As a member of the Steering Board of ERA, Biljana is contributing to ERA mostly in providing their lengthy experience and practical knowledge in leadership, supervision and management, in building ERA’s capacities, and in strengthening its relationships with donors and other stakeholders, and to contribute towards developing ERA re-granting programs.


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