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Danijel Kalezić

Danijel Kalezić is one of the first and most visible LGBTI activists in Montenegro, and is working tirelessly towards the improvement of the position of the LGBTI community in Montenegro.  Danijel is the president of the Governing Board of Queer Montenegro ever since its establishment in 2012  and has assumed the role of the member of the ERA Steering Board in 2018. For over 10 years now, Danijel has been dedicated to supporting and building the LGBTI community, as well as advocating for changes within the legal and policy framework of Montenegro, and capacity building for both civil society and relevant state institutions. In addition, Danijel has spent a great deal of his activist work in the area of health, by serving as an outreach worker on HIV/AIDS and STD prevention program for NGO Juventas. Some of Danijel’s biggest achievements so far include successful organizing of Montenegro Prides since 2013, advocating for adoption of the Strategy for Improvement of Quality of Lives of LGBT Persons, establishing and professional development of Queer Montenegro and drafting of model laws on registered partnership and legal gender recognition.

I believe that my experience and results of professional work that I have and willing to share with other ERA board and staff members can significantly improve future results of important work that ERA is doing in region. In my professional life, according to my opinion, successful organization of the first Montenegro Pride in October 2013, adoption of the Strategy for improvement of quality of lives of LGBT persons, establishing and professional development of Queer Montenegro and drafting of the Registered partnership and Legal gender recognition Law are some of the most important activities in which I was actively involved or leading them.


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