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Filip Kocevski

Since February 2016 I am actively engaged in Group COME OUT, as Projects coordinator, team leader and fundraiser. In 2002 I started my activist work with engaging in the organisation that worked in the field of protection of children from mental, sexual and physical abuse. In 2004 I actively participated in scout activities where I had the chance to work on improving the position of young people, people with disabilities and people from ethnic minorities. I participated in the creation of Panonian Human Rights Platform in December 2016. With the Platform, we've started organizing first Pride event in Novi Sad and Vojvodina. Experience with working with the different groups of marginalized people in the past will certainly help me with objective view on specific problems that the LGBTI community is facing, having a chance to adapt the problem solving process to this specific discriminated and marginalized group of general population. As a member of an organisation working directly with the community, my priorities will be to improve the visibility of ERA in the community, to improve the activities aimed towards the community, to work on raising the visibility of the LGBTI community in the region through creation of good and visible campaigns, as well as their life experiences, and

providing needed support to the parents of the LGBTI persons, engaging them in the activities of ERA and member organisations.


  • Str. Majke Jevrosime 42/31
    Belgrade, Serbia
  • Phone: +381 11 3227480
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