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Janset Kalan

I worked for 2 years in Pembe Hayat LGBTT Solidarity Association from 1 November 2014 till 07 November 2016 as the International Affairs coordinator of the association. I continue collaborating with them in fund-raising, trans activism policies, and programming of the association's activities. I have been actively involved with LGBTI+ Human Rights activism for 6 years. I am also actively involved with policy-making process of LGBTI+ activism in Turkey. I am an eager and fierce trans activist who has an intersectional approach and an open-mind. I have been involved with ERA founding procedures since its inception and I did my best to follow up the later processes of ERA. I feel it near in my heart and activism to be a part of the Steering Board to be able to contribute more into development and functioning of ERA. My priority will be to make ERA more trans visible and grow towards encouraging a wider trans activism in our region. I am an individual trans activist in Turkey who has very close relationship with all the LGBTI+ associations, civic initiatives and informal groups in my country. I currently volunteer for Pembe Hayat but I also help fund-raising for Mersin 7 Colors Association, and I am a well-followed writer for


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    Belgrade, Serbia
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