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Marija Vuletic

I have been the program coordinator for the LGBTI questions for a long time now, represeting the state of LGBTI rights in BiH in Europe and the world. I have been an activist for almost a decade now and I have cooperated and lobbied for LGBTI human rights improvement for a long period of time. I was a part of the organizations creating ERA, I would want to take part in create future steps for ERA and for all of the LGBTI member organizations. My priorities as a ERA Steering Board member is to help its member organizations, to raise capacities of the network as such and to make it even more open and approachable to the members and to make ERA more connected to its members, not only through conferences and personal contact. I am currently working with the Ministry of Education on changing the content of textbooks in elementary and high schools when it comes to LGBTI questions so I think that is pretty important for the time being. Personally, I have helped and encouraged many members of the LGBTI community to empower themselves and become active members of the community. I have been a fundraiser and project writer in my organization for the past 5 years so I would say my experience is relevant enough. Also, I have collaborated with many authors of reseaches, giving comments and advice on their texts.


  • Str. Majke Jevrosime 42/31
    Belgrade, Serbia
  • Phone: +381 11 3227480
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