Advocacy and litigation in achieving civil partnership law in the Western Balkans

On 12 and 13 March 2019, ERA together with member organisations representatives from Labris, CEL Kosovo, Juventas, Queer Motnenegro and Spektra attended a regional workshop on advocacy and litigation regarding civil partnerships in the Western Balkans, organized by ILGA-Europe with the support of the Council of Europe SOGI Unit in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. The workshop focused first on analyzing the state of play in the region - commonalities and differences related to the topic, political advocacy and regional cooperation. 

In addition, European human rights law developments on the matter were discussed, with a detailed presentation of the Polish example dealing with national campaigning for same-sex partnership and strategic litigation and what can be learned from it. At the end, steps for legal recognition of same-sex partnership were covered, including necessary components and steps to be taken into account as well as developing future partnerships and strategies. None of the countries in the Western Balkans recognise legally same-sex unions in any form yet. However there is a draft bill of civil partnership at the national Parliament in Montenegro.