Call for Application - Global Rainbow Academy Training: Queering the SDGs



Call for Application

Global Rainbow Academy Training: Queering the SDGs

04 – 11 December, 2020




Deadline to apply: October 31, 2020


Please go through this document carefully and make sure to refer to the eligibility criteria and course requirements before applying.

Click on this link to access the application form:



RFSL, the Swedish organization for LGBTIQ rights and ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association, are happy to share the call for applications for the online training “Queering the SDGs”. The training is part of RFSL’s capacity strengthening program Rainbow Academy.

Through this week-long training, the participants will gain knowledge and tools, to understand the significance of and utilize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in advancing the rights of LGBTIQ persons. This includes sessions on the history of sustainable development and the SDGs, how to engage with SDG mechanisms on national, regional, and global levels, how to navigate the processes to ensure LGBTIQ inclusion and how to develop initial steps or plans for LGBTIQ engagement in advancing the SDGs.

A Rainbow Academy training is usually held in-person in a specific region but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the training will take place online. While this limits the opportunity for in-person meeting, it opens up the possibility for a training where activists from various parts of the world can come together. RFSL and ERA will utilize various technological and pedagogical solutions to make sure the training is engaging and effective. 


  • Deepen the knowledge of LGBTIQ activists on the development framework, especially to recognize opportunities for engagement, identify stakeholders, and increase ability to use development language;
  • Strengthen the capacity of LGBTIQ activists to engage with the Agenda 2030 and the SDG mechanisms – national, regional, and international;
  • Create a space for discussion on the inclusion of LGBTIQ people in development.



At the end of the training, the participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the significance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in advancing the rights of LGBTIQ persons;
  • Navigate the processes to advocate for LGBTIQ inclusion in the implementation of the SDGs;
  • Develop initial steps or plans for engaging with the SDGs.

As the alumni of the Rainbow Academy, the participants will:

  • Have continued support and mentorship from RFSL and ERA;
  • Have access to the latest information and opportunities to engage with UN mechanisms;
  • Receive information on funding opportunities and support with applications;
  • Be a part of RFSL's global network of activists. 



The training will take place online and will have a mixture of live sessions, pre-readings, assignments, group exercises, and robust online discussion. We will utilize various digital tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Zoom, and Mentimeter etc. If this is your first time to online trainings or if you are not well acquainted with these digital tools, do not worry. We will run you through these tools and will do a technical check-in before the actual sessions start.

The live sessions will be held between 3-6pm CEST while you will be able to do the pre-readings and assignments at your own pace. You should only sign up for this training if the time slot suits your time zone. Click on this link to check the time difference. Attending all the live sessions and finishing the assignments are required to successfully complete the training and receive the certificate. 


Below is a draft content of the training. The actual content will vary based on the needs of the selected participants. The sessions will be led by global experts on the respective subject.



Day Session Format
December 01- 03


Familiarize yourself with the various digital platforms and complete the introductory tasks. 



December 04


Session 01: Kick-off & Technical Run

Introduction to the training, going through the program, understanding the team, setting up a code of conduct, troubleshooting any technical issue. 


Session 02: Introduction to the Development Framework

Understanding the development framework, it’s various manifestations and implications. 

Live session

Group exercise


December 05


Session 03: Introduction to the Agenda 2030 & the SDGs

Dissecting the Agenda 2030 declaration, looking at the history, developments, & geo-politics.


Session 04: LGBTIQ inclusion in Agenda 2030

Why the SDGs matter, the importance of UN advocacy, and our role as LGBTIQ activists.

Live session

Group discussion 

Group exercise

December 06

Read materials

Watch videos 

Discuss on Slack



December 07


Session 05: Deep dive into the SDGs

Walk through the various SDGs, understanding their indicators, and finding ways of LGBTIQ inclusion.  


Session 06: Mechanisms to engage with the SDGs

Participants will learn about the various advocacy mechanisms, including national, regional and international, how to engage, monitor and follow-up with SDGs. 

Live session

Group discussion 

Group exercise


December 08


Session 07: Mechanisms to engage with the SDGs continued…

Participants will learn about the various advocacy mechanisms, including national, regional and international, how to engage, monitor and follow-up with SDGs. 


Session 08: Designing your own intervention

Participants will learn by doing an engagement plan. 

Live session
December 09

Assignment: Design your own intervention and post on Slack

Assignment: Watch videos on data, read materials, discuss on Slack



December 10


Session 09: Data and development

Discussing the importance of data in the development work and how to ensure effective and useful data on LGBTIQ lives.


Session 10: Introduction to Guiding Principles 

To have an overview of the document on working with SDGs and data.

Live session 

Group exercise


December 11


Session 11: Reflection, wrap-up & evaluation

Live session 

Group exercise 



The training is free of any cost. All the expenses connected to materials, lectures, and technical solutions will be borne by RFSL. There is no per diem or any kind of financial compensation for the participants. However, limited support for accommodation can be provided on a need’s basis. 


You are eligible to apply for the Rainbow Academy training if you: 

  • Are from a country in Global South and East;
  • Self-identify as part of the LGBTIQ community;
  • Belong to an LGBTIQ organization;
  • Have minimum one (1) year of advocacy experience, locally, nationally, regionally, or internationally;
  • Have a role in the advocacy work of the organization;
  • Have basic knowledge about international advocacy work, especially the UN;
  • Can freely communicate in English, both in written and oral form;
  • Can allocate 3-5 hours each day from December 01 – 11. 

Priority will be given to underrepresented groups, especially LBTI women and Gender Non-Conforming people of color, trans, and intersex individuals.


In order to successfully complete the training program and receive the certificate, you are required to: 

  • Attend all the live sessions; 
  • Complete all tasks and assignments; 
  • Be active and responsive in communication; 
  • Maintain the code of conduct; 

Selection Process

Only 20 participants will be selected for this online course. The following non-exhaustive criteria will be considered while assessing the applications:

  • The quality of the application;  
  • Existing advocacy experience, qualification, and knowledge; 
  • Motivation to participate in the training; 
  • Potential of continuous engagement with advocacy work;

In addition, geographical distribution and diverse SOGIESC representation will also be considered.. Finalists will be informed within November 13 and they must accept the offer for placement within November 20. The communication will be done via emails mentioned in the application form. 



For any inquiry about this training program, please feel free to write to: 

Shakhawat Hossain Rajeeb

Training Program Manager, RFSL

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile/WhatsApp/Signal: +46 73 673 88 59


Jelena Vasiljevic

Capacity Development Manager, ERA

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: +381606118052


About the Organizers

RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer Rights, is a non-profit organization founded in 1950.

RFSL works locally, nationally and internationally and is an ever-growing organization with about 7000 members and 38 branches all over Sweden. Internationally, RFSL is recognized and respected as an experienced and accomplished organization. Our international work has been built upon more than 40 years of experience and lessons learned from our commitment to global LGBTIQ rights when RFSL joined ILGA in 1979.

RFSL, as one of the few UN accredited LGBTIQ organizations, has been advocating for LGBTIQ inclusion in Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. 


ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkeyis a regional association of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer organizations from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. Twenty-five LGBTI organizations from the region founded the Association on 15 September 2015 and granted to ERA the mandate to function as an umbrella organization at the regional and international levels. The seat of the Association is in Belgrade, Serbia.

ERA’s mission is to inspire positive change in the society, promote and advocate for human rights of people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and sex characteristics, by facilitating cooperation and providing resources and capacity development for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons (LGBTI) movement across the Balkans and Turkey.