Call to Apply for Capacity Building Training on “Finances for NGOs”


Dear member,

ERA - LGBTI Equal Rights Association for the Western Balkans and Turkey is happy to invite you to apply to attend a training on “Finances for NGOs” which will take place on 22-25 May 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia (arrivals on 22 and returning/departures on 25) . 

This training is organized in the framework of the project: “Time is now” and will be conducted in cooperation with the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Intersex Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO).

We have identified the need to provide our member organizations with further financial management knowledge and skills that are necessary to effectively operate an NGO. We have also identified member organization’s need to extend their practical skills on how to properly administer financial resources in accordance with donors’ requirements.

The training aims to equip the participants with sufficient knowledge and skills on efficient financial management and its links with organizational development, overall project implementation, budgeting, fundraising and reporting. Through this training, the participants are expected to develop and further their skills in financial management that would contribute to ensuring their organizations’ sustainability. During the training, different tools of financial management, procedures and their practical use will be explored linking them to overall goals and objectives of the organizations. 

The training will be attended by 20 representatives of LGBTI CSOs, including third party grantees. The participants are expected to actively follow up on the training by applying the obtained knowledge and skills in their countries and in their organizations.

Participants must be:

  • Holders of a position or responsibility in the field of financial management and project administration (e.g. executive director, projects manager, financial manager, accountant);
  • Supported in their application by their organization;
  • Committed to follow-up on the training by implementing obtained knowledge and skills in the organizational work;
  • Able to communicate effectively in English;
  • Able to participate for the full duration of the training session.

Application process:

- Please fill in the application form directly on this link
- The deadline for submitting your on-line application is 01 May 24:00 CET
- For any questions or inquiries please send an Email at [email protected]