Call for Expert Consultant: Economist expert on SOGI Inclusion


The World Bank approaches sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) through its commitments to gender equality as well as social inclusion – two crucial components of the World Bank’s Twin Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity. Like heterosexual and cisgender women and girls, LGBTI people are held to and impacted by prevailing restrictive gender norms, and thus struggle to benefit from the three main objectives of the World Bank’s gender strategy: improved human endowments, increased economic opportunities, and enhanced voice as well as agency. From a social inclusion standpoint, exclusion based on SOGI exists in different forms across most cultures. Homosexuality is illegal in many countries and is sometimes punishable by death, and people who express a gender identity that does not conform to their gender as assigned at birth also face punishment, violence, and other forms of exclusion. Even in countries without harsh and punitive laws, it is still common for LGBTI people to face social exclusion and violence. Social stigma driven by homophobia and transphobia, regressive norms, and discriminatory laws fuel the exclusion of sexual and gender minorities and creates barriers to accessing markets, services and spaces. To truly advance the elimination of extreme poverty and to promote shared prosperity, the full inclusion of LGBTI people is essential. 

The proposed Scope of Work will provide support to the WBG SOGI Global Advisor in his efforts to generate more robust SOGI disaggregated data in Serbia. In particular this consultant will be expected to provide technical expertise.


Under the guidance and direction of the SOGI Global Advisor, the Consultant will serve as the team economist for a research project on SOGI exclusion in Serbia, providing detailed technical inputs to design and conceptualization of the research. The consultant is expected to review available SOGI data, including administrative data, to identify gaps the research could address. 

The consultant should be based in Serbia. Interested candidate can send their CV to Clifton  Cortez, [email protected]and Dominik Koehler, [email protected]


  • Organize meetings with key technical government officials, civil society organizations (including LGBTI CSOs), think tanks, labor unions, and research institutions to identify all available SOGI data sources. (8 days)
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of available administrative and other secondary data sources in Serbia to identify existing SOGI data, highlight gaps, and outline important areas for further research. (15 days)
  • Produce a model to estimate the cost of SOGI based exclusion in the labor market and identify key indicators necessary to populate the model. (5 days)
  • Work with the SOGI Global Advisor and his team to develop an initial outline for the proposed research that can be used to gather input from key stakeholders including the government and LGBTI CSOs. (5 days)
  • Organize consultations with key government institutions, LGBTI CSOs, think tanks, labor unions, and research institutions to refine the proposed research methodology. (7 days)

Total days: 40 days

The consultant will work 40 days from March 23, 2020 to June 30, 2020. The consultant will report to the SOGI Global Advisor.


Qualifications desired:

-Relevant Master’s degree in Statistics or Economics 

-Experience in conducting economic analysis of the Serbian labor market 

-Experience in working with Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia and other Government institutions on economic analysis is preferred

-Interest in social inclusion and LGBTI issues 

-Strong research and writing skills 

-Strong collaboration skills, including the ability to work with and motivate other team members.