Terms of Reference for Strategic Planning Facilitator 




ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey (ERA) is a regional association of 70 LGBTI organisations operating in 9 countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey). ERA’s mission is to inspire positive change in society, promote and advocate for the human rights of LGBTI people by facilitating cooperation and providing resources and capacity development for the LGBTI movements across the Western Balkans and Turkey region. ERA’s current work is focused on the following areas: capacity development, lobbying and advocacy (at national, regional and global levels), research, awareness-raising, networking and relationship building, access to justice, combating HIV/AIDS and economic justice. In its six years of activity, ERA has established itself as a reliable regional partner for national, regional, and international stakeholders with a role to play in protecting and advancing LGBTI rights. 


In the period since its establishment, ERA was operating under the Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020. As then newly established association, the three strategic objectives included: 1) Establish ERA as an influential and reliable umbrella organisation, a representative voice of the LGBTI movement in the Western Balkans and Turkey; 2) Advocate, promote and improve the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons (LGBTI) in Western Balkans and Turkey; and 3) Develop ERA’s organisational capacities (Steering Board, Staff and Members).




This strategic planning process aims to develop a strategic framework for ERA’s work in the upcoming period. The Strategic Plan period will be decided at the session and with the membership of ERA. Upon successful realisation of the Strategic Plan 2016-2020, the focus of ERA is on how best to direct its resources to enhance its effect in advancing the access to rights for LGBTIQ+ people in the region of Western Balkan and Turkey. 



Main deliverables 


  • Consultancy meeting with ERA executive team and the Steering Board to prepare for the Strategic Planning Workshop;
  • Develop a methodology for a four-day strategic planning workshop and communicate it with designated ERA’s contact people; 
  • Facilitate a four-day strategic planning workshop; 
  • Prepare a report from the workshop to serve as a guiding document for the Strategic Plan. 



Scope of work 


  • Lead and provide expert input on workshop program and specific sessions;
  • Develop methodology and facilitate the preparation for the workshop, including the room set-up, breakout meeting, panel discussions, etc. 
  • Draft the workshop agenda in such a manner to ensure accomplishment of the workshop's objective;
  • Organise the workshop to promote maximum participation of each participant having in mind the different (learning and) engagement models of all (i.e. via group discussions, writing, drawing, presenting, etc.); 
  • Provide materials as needed for the various sessions of the workshop and ensure timely completion of all activities;
  • Support in the organisation and preparation of the workshop meeting rooms to best accomplish the objectives of the event such as comfort, seating, presentation space, break-out space, etc.;
  • Continuously measure and solicit feedback from participants;
  • Assist in developing a model for evaluation to ensure detailed feedback from participants;
  • Prepare a report from the workshop, including lessons learnt and outputs;
  • Provide advice and perform other tasks as required to support the workshop;
  • Throughout of all this the facilitator will be supported by ERA executive team. 



Consultancy Outputs


  • To programme for a four-day strategic planning workshop based on participatory methodology;
  • Successful facilitation of the workshop;
  • Technical advice and support to participants during the workshop; 
  • Final report with detailed feedback on the whole workshop.




The complete task is expected to take 6-7 working days between mid-August and the end date of the workshop on 24 September 2021. 




The consultant should be in Serbia (location to be confirmed) on 20 September for the final preparatory meeting and between 20 and 24 September for the facilitation of the workshop. Travel expenses and accommodation will be provided by ERA. The consultant should make themselves available for preparatory zoom calls with the ERA executive team and Steering Board prior to the meeting in Serbia. 



Qualifications and Experience 


  • Minimum five years experience in strategic planning and organisational development of human rights and/or LGBTIQ+ organisations; 
  • Preferably a degree in social sciences, international development, organisational management or equivalent qualifications obtained through relevant work experience;
  • Knowledge and experience in working in the context of Western Balkans and Turkey; 
  • Experience in and ability to facilitate a strategic workshop for big groups (between 50 and 70 participants);
  • Ability to navigate a challenging and sometimes difficult situations.





Excellent communication and reporting skills in English.



Application Process


Interested service providers should submit their application at [email protected]no later than 11 August 202, 12pm, with the subject Facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshop_(your name and surname). The application should include: 

  • Letter of Interest;
  • Technical Offer (proposed methodology, program, etc.);
  • Financial Offer; and
  • CV of the facilitator. 




The applications will be rated according to the following criteria: 


Technical Criteria  

  • Qualifications and experience - 40%;
  • Technical Offer- 30%;

Financial  Criteria 

  • Financial Offer - 30%.