Declaration for Priority Adoption of the New Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination by the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia

Bearing in mind that discrimination remains to be the most common problem a majority of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia face, particularly the vulnerbale, poor and marginalized communities;

Bearing in mind the current situation in the country, the lack of mechanisms and insufficient application of existing national and international instruments for proper coping with discrimination, which has direct impact on deepening inequality in our society and prevents citizens from applying all their potential towards equal participation in every domain of living;  

Considering the fact that the fundamental freedoms and rights of human beings and citizens recognized by international law and determined with the Constitution are the core values of our consititional order, and that equality is part of the established constitutional freedoms and rights of human beings and citizens;  

Having recognized the need for adoption of good legal solutions in order to translate this core constitutional value by promoting the system for prevention and protection against discrimination, pursuant to international standrads, the obligations assumed with the Stabilization and Association Agreement, and pursuant to the need for adopting the European Union law, we will work towards:    

  • Urgent adoption of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, immediatley after the new parliamentary majority is formed;  
  • A transparent procedure for the ellection and appointment of members of the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, pursuant to the legally established terms and deadlines;
  • Securing conditions, including financial resources, for the uniterrupted and independent functioning of the Commisstion for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination with regards to all its competences;


  • Promotion of the equality and non-discrimination principles towards creating a humane and unprejudiced society for all people in the country.

Initiated by:

Network for Protection against Discrimination(NPP)

National Network agaisnt Homophobia and Transphobia(NNHT)

Gender Equality Platform

Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP)


Informal Network of Roma NGOs

Blueprint Group for Judicial Reforms

Platform of Civil Society Organizations in the Fight against Corruption

Platform for Sustainability of HIV Prevention and Support Services

Up until now the declaration has been supported by the following Political Parties in North Macedonia:

- Alliance for the Albanians

- Democratic Union

- Democratic Renewal of Macedonia

- Liberal Democratic Party

- New Social Democratic Party

- Party for Democratic Prosperity of the Roma People

- Party for Economic Changes 21

- Party for Full Emancipation of the Roma of Macedonia

- Party for Movement of the Turks in Macedonia

- Party of the Pensioners

- Social Democratic Union of Macedonia

- Tvoja Party

- Union of the Roma in Macedonia 

- United Party for Equality of the Roma people

- Voice for Macedonia