Landmark decision for transgender rights in Kosovo

The Basic Court in Pristina made a landmark decision in December 2019, affirming the right to change both name and sex marker in personal documents to Blert Morina from Kosovo. Blert was assigned female sex at birth and was named Blerta in his personal documents. However, he identifies as a man in all spheres of his life. He wanted to have his personal documents in line with this, but was rejected by the registry in charge.

The court found the decision made by municipality of Gjakova, that denied these changes, forcing Blert to have a two-years court proceedings - was unlawful. It obliged the institutions in charge to allow changes in personal documents in line with Blert's idenitity. Blert has now returned back to the Municipality of Gjakova to request his documents. 

This decision is an important victory for Blert, trans people in Kosovo, but also for every trans person and the trans movement across the Western Balkans.

Read more about Blert's case here.

Similar decision in Kosovo was already delivered last year by Court of Appeals.