Meet our intern Johanna and read about her experience at ERA

My Internship at ERA

In February and March 2019 I  interned at the Equal Rights Association in Belgrade. I chose to work for ERA because I was interested in learning how to advocate for LGBTI rights. During my internship I got a chance to get an insight into the experiences of LGBTI people in the Western Balkans and Turkey. I was very excited that I was able to contribute to the important work of ERA.

My first tasks were uploading documents to the online resource center and writing articles about recent developments. Furthermore, I really enjoyed joining the team and working with them on issues such as security, mental health and wellbeing and activists as well as topics such as sex work and inclusivity. Another interesting activity for me was to look into the up and coming queer and LGBTI arts scene in Belgrade and Serbia overall. I also had a chance to join ERA in their staff meeting and preparation of their Action Plan 2019. During my internship i felt like I was contributing to ERA's work by working with them on important topics and discussions.  

Asside from getting engaged with the team and their work i also enjoyed getting an insight into the LGBTI scene in Belgrade. I visited events in the Pride Info Center, joined the Women's March on March 8th, visited the Trans Balkan exhibition and even got a chance to see a drag show. 

Living in Belgrade has been very exciting for me. In those two months I got to know the city and got the chance to enjoy its culture and diversity. In the beginning it was a little difficult for me to adjust to living alone in a big, foreign city, especially because I had to move around a lot as it was difficult to find a permanent place to stay. But despite that, I had a great and adventurous time and met lovely people. I definitely learned a lot about myself and how to be independent. 

During my stay the ERA team was always very helpful and understanding, helped me to find an accommodation and gave me the feeling of always having support if needed.

Johanna Krenzer