North Macedonia: Person X’s gender mark changes, a step ahead toward legal gender recognition

Coalition MARGINS received a positive verdict in favor of a transgender man in the case 'X v. Macedonia' in January 2019 in the Strasbourg Court, in which the Court found that the existing legal framework has gaps and serious shortcomings that led the trans person in a situation of stress and insecurity in recognizing his gender identity. The Registry Office has finally made the change in the personal records of the person X.

The lawyer from Coalition MARGINS who represented the case in Strasbourg told SAKAMDAKAZHAM.MK: "We received the good news a few days ago, so he is happy for the new beginning, and so are we." She says that a new Law on Civil Registry is being prepared by the Ministry of Justice, which will facilitate the strong positions of the Registry Office, which without clear legal provisions does not want to give or change the identification numbers of persons born in North Macedonia. The state has an obligation to enact a law that will enable transgender people a fast, transparent and accessible procedure for legal gender recognition.

We'd like to remind that in the Republic of North Macedonia there are another dozen ongoing cases of transgender people waiting for the Office to make the change. The Government, after passing the verdict in June 2019, made a decision and obliged the Office to make a change in the personal records of the person X, but also in all other cases that are in the same or similar position.