PINK Life Turkey introduces “Day of Equality with Transgenders"

Ankara, 18 June 2020 - PINK Life LGBTI+ Solidarity Association, introduces today the "Day of Equality with Transgenders" which will be celebrated for the first time. On 18 June 2018, the World Health Organisation removed being transgender from the list of mental didorders. PINK Life, wants to show the importance of struggles and achievements of the trans* community all over the world by celebrating this historical decision. To this date, transgender people and trans* rights have been brought to the agenda with the concepts of "struggle", "solidarity" and "rememberance". Now it is time to talk about the equality between trans* and non-trans* people. 

The manifest, whic you can find on this link in English and Turkish languages, has been written by trans* acitivsts from Turkey. You are all invited to join them by supporting trans* rights with the ##TranslarlaEşitlikGünü / #DayofEqualityWithTransgenders hashtags on your social media on 18th June at 21:00 pm Turkey time.

You are also invited to send a video to the organisation, up to a minute long to celebrate this day. The videos need to be shot horizontaly for post-production purposes. The video-messages will be shared through Pink Life's Youtube channel and social media. It will be appreciated if you can join the organisation and spread this manifest and call for equality of transgender people in this day.