Statement against the Police Brutality during the 29th Pride Parade in Istanbul


We, at ERA, strongly condemn the police brutality we witnessed during the 29th Pride Parade in Istanbul. For years now, the Turkish government bans peaceful assembly and applies unnecessary and excessive force, violating several domestic and international laws and resolutions.


Turkish citizens must be able to enjoy their human rights and their freedoms to peaceful assembly and expression. And Turkish government must be held accountable for the vast human rights violations they are manifesting.


Therefore, we call upon the International Community for urgent action and condemnation of the unlawful violence we are witnessing in Turkey. These violations must not remain unsanctioned.


We call upon Turkish civil society and the general public to remain in solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ people and condemn the government's violent and exclusionary behaviour.


We remain in queer solidarity with our fellow activists and the LGBTIQ+ people from Turkey!