TERMS OF REFERENCE Expert (or a team of experts)

TERMS OF REFERENCE Expert (or a team of experts)

To lead a training workshop and to develop a Risk Management Protocol for LGBTIQ+ Shelters in Albania and Kosovo

(call open to Albanians and/or international experts)


Due to the Pandemic, we are open to a very flexible approach with the possibility to adaptthe mission if in-country travel is not permitted or health conditions do not allow in-person meetings.

1. Context of the mission

Presentation of the project: ThePRIDE+ project aims to build the capacity of 4 LGBTI organisations and their allies to effectively promote the acceptance, inclusion and protection of the LGBTI minority in Albania and Kosovo

Main issues/challenges to which the project intends to respond: Currently, young LGBTI people in Albania and Kosovo - especially transgender people - live in extreme precariousness: most of them are forced to flee far from their homes because of physical and psychological violence. Living at the hedge of society, they become extremely vulnerable.

Community Centers and shelters such as Streha, Aleanca and CEL Kosova offers them an opportunity to be empowered with the help of a dedicated team. Yet, to further improve their capacities to support community members, their staffs would need to strengthen their skills to better manage most at-risk behaviors.

2. Objective and description of the mission

The mission of the expert will be of two-fold:

  • Organise a 4 to 5-day workshop (ideally in Tirana, but the format may have to evolve depending of the pandemic) on how to manage complex situations related to:
  • Managing self-harming behaviors, 
  • Managing and addressing addiction 
  • Addressing and managing violent behaviors.
  • Develop a protocol based on best practices in terms of managing the riskiest situations related to:
  • Self-harming behaviors
  • Managing and adressing addictions 
    • Addressing and managing violent behaviors


Expected results:

  • At the end of this activity, the staffs of Steha, Aleanca and CeL Kosova will be able to follow a set of clear instructions on how to manage situations related to self-harming behaviors, addiction and violent behaviors. Each organization will also be in capacity of training its employees (caretakers, etc) in the use of this protocol.
  • A training plan and methodology are available (done following close consultations and pre-discussions with partners)
  • A workshop is organised in Tirana with the project partners or online depending on the situation related to the pandemic focused on managing and addressing self-harming behaviors, addictions and violence.
  • A protocol for managing the riskiest situations related to self-harm, addiction and violence is developed.
  • An activityreport is produced


3. Location, dates and public

Location: Tirana (Albania) or online depending on the situation related to the pandemic

Dates: Any time from May – December 2021

Targeted beneficiaries: Staffs from the identified organisations (Streha Center & Aleanca LGBT in Albania,and CEL Kosovo in Kosovo)

4. Qualifications

We are looking for individual(s) or organisation(s) with proven experience in:

  • Experience in risk Management in community centers, shelters, etc. assisting vulnerable populations, and/or in drafting risk management protocols.
  • Experience working with LGBTIQ individuals is preferred or other vulnerable communities
  • Experience in delivering training to civil society organisations is preferred.
  • Experience in trauma informed practices is preferred.
  • Proficiency in Albanian and/or English.


5. Application

All interested experts or team of experts are invited to submit their technical and financial offer to [email protected]  and [email protected] before May 31th 2021 COB.

NB: Application will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we reserve ourselves the right to contract an expert before the aforementioned deadline