On 28 August 2019, a trans man was attacked in town of Kolašin, Montenegro. The attackers knocked on the door of the trans man's family home and when he opened it, forcefully pulled him out in front. There he was beaten, insulted and humiliated until he lost consciousness. The case was reported to the Kolašin Security Center and police had arrested three man under suspicion for this hate crime.

ERA member organization from Montenegro - Association Spektra, has condemned the case of violence that occurred, and called for a prompt and effective response from the competent institutions to find the perpetrators and prosecute them and identify existing elements of gender-based hate crime.

"Trans people in Montenegro experience violence on a daily basis, in the family, in society, in education, in seeking employment or in a place of residence, as well as in most situations requiring the disclosure of gender identity. We remind that trans persons still cannot change gender marker in their personal documents without undergoing the invasive process of forced sterilization, which is the most severe violation of our human rights and one of the worst instances of institutional and systemic violence experienced by Montenegrin citizens. Two cases of reported violence against a trans person were registered during the previous year. The first-instance verdict of a hate crime against a trans woman was reached earlier this year, who was attacked during the Pride Parade, beaten while returning home", said Spectra's Jovan Ulićević.

He argues that increased violence against trans persons, but also lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in Montenegro, may also be linked to recent public discourse in light of the process of adoption of the Law on Lifetime Partnership of the Same-sex Persons, "which has recorded many homophobic comments from decision-makers". Parliament of Montenegro did not vote in favour of this law this summer.

ERA stands in solidarity and requests once again to stop with violence against trans individuals once and for all! We join our member organisations from Montenegro and strongly condemn this case of hate crime and call authorities of Montenegro to bring the perpetrators to justice.