Visit Pride Info Centre in Belgrade!

The Pride Info Centre was opened on 16 August and is the first public LGBT+ space where people can get any information regarding Belgrade Pride, its programme and other activities implemented by organizations that work on improving rights of the LGBT+ community in Serbia. Continuation of the activities of the Pride Info Centre in 2018 show an improvement of the position of the LGBT+ community, which is still inadequately represented in Serbia. Activities that will take place at the Pride Info Centre will be focused on raising awareness about the problems the LGBT+ community is facing, as well as providing a more open approach to the Belgrade Pride, which is considered to be the most significant public event for the LGBT+ community in Serbia.

Pride Info Centre is a public space where some of the activities related to the rights of the LGBT+ community will take place before, during and after Pride Week. These activities include, but are not limited to exhibitions, movie screenings, lectures, discussions, trainings, workshops and meetings with public officials and representatives of institutions. Pride Info Centre’s staff will provide all visitors with additional information, including the programme of the Centre and the Belgrade Pride Week 2018.

Pride Info Center is located at Street Kralja Milana 20 in Belgrade. In comparison to last year, the venue of the centre is larger and it will be open for visitors until the end of the year.