#Wevotetoo - Da se zna! to monitor local elections in Belgrade

Serbia based organization Da se zna! will monitor local elections in Belgrade! As last year during presidential elections, the Association will send questionnaires and communicate with electoral lists representatives in order to thoroughly clarify the challenges and problems faced by the LGBTI community in Serbia.
Why monitoring of the local elections matters?
The LGBTI community forms a significant part within the electorate and political actors should take into account the needs of the LGBTI constituency in their programs and activities. The relevant sources state that the share of LGBTI community in a society is approximately 10%, reaching the estimate number of over 120,000 LGBTI Belgrade citizens.
With this campaign we also want to underline that the LGBTI people will take into account the views of the LGBTI community on the improvement of the human rights of this minority group while casting the vote.
The campaign will encompass discussions with the community on the importance of political participation of LGBTI people, and the analysis of the answers will be presented to the public in the form of reports prior to Belgrade elections.
The whole campaign will be promoted on the social media outlets. In the last two years association DaSeZna! is monitoring cases of violence and discrimination against LGBTI people by providing direct support to endangered persons, as well as strengthening the capacity of competent institutions in the area of prevention and protection of this particular community.