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Case Study - Serbia 2018

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Case Study - Serbia 2018
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Research Article
Case Report
Research report

1. Background

This case study was prepared in the framework of the project “Youth Artists for Change” funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Creative Twining scheme. The main goal of the project is to utilize film, theatre, podcast and storytelling activities as powerful awareness raising and advocacy tools with primary focus on young people (14-24 years old). The project takes place in four countries of the Western Balkans: Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia through the alliance of seventeen organisations working with arts, culture, gender equality and LGBTI+ rights. We are very happy to point out that many ERA members from all these countries are involved in the project and are cooperating with Stichting Art 1. This alliance connects young people of different cultural backgrounds through activities such as launch of LGBTI+ film fesivals, photo exhibitions, debates and multiplier events to disseminate the results of the project. 

2. Overall Objective and Case Study Questions

The overall purpose of the case study paper is to understand the rights of LGBTI persons situation in Serbia as of 2018 and the main developments during 2018, by making an overview of the political, legal and social context as well as the cultural and arts scene currently existing in the country. The study will have final recommendations and conclusions and will serve as a mechanism to monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the project “Youth Activists for Change”to be implemented in Serbia in 2019-2020. 




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