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BEING LGBTI in EASTERN EUROPE: the Macedonia Country Report

This report provides a detailed overview of the socio-political contexts and attitudes towards the LGBTI population in former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It evidences the current legal and on-the-ground status of the rights of LGBTI people, and the areas where action still needs to be taken to reduce discrimination and ensure better levels of protection.

LGBTIQ Employment Equality Index - 2017 Annual Report of Findings

Albanian (English below)

The HeadHunter Grup ka kënaqësinë të shpallë dhe publikojë rezultatet e Indeksit të parë vjetor për Barazinë në Punësim të personave LGBTIQ në Shqipëri.

LGBTIQ Employment Equality Index - 2017 Annual Report of Findings

The Headhunter Group is pleased to announce and publish the findings of its second annual LGBTIQ Employment Equality Index in Albania 2017. 

LGBTIQ Employment Equality Index - 2016 Annual Report of Findings

The LGBTIQ Employment Equality Index is the first of its kind in Albania as well as in the non-EU states of the Balkans. It is a ranking system to determine how well companies respect the rights and dignity of LGBTIQ persons in their hiring, training, development, and general employment practices. In addition, it rates their compliance with local labor laws on the topic.  The Headhunter Group, has decided to launch such an Index as part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Workplace Diversity.



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