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LGBTI Enlargement Review 2020

ILGA-Europe, in cooperation with ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey (Regional); Aleanca, Streha LGBT, Pro LGBT, Pink Embassy, Open Mind Spectrum Albania - OMSA (Albania); Sarajevo Open Centre (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Center for Social Group Development CSGD and Center for Equality and Liberty CEL (Kosovo); Association Spectra, LGBT Forum Progress, LGBTIQ Social Centre, Juventas and Queer Montenegro (Montenegro); Helsinki Committee for Human Rights – LGBTI Support Centre, Coalition for sexual and health rights of marginalized communities MARGINS, Subversive

27 Jan

Blocking EU accession negotiations will negatively impact LGBTI rights

On 27 January 2020, ERA and ILGA Europe sent a joint-letter to European Union institutions as well as to the governments of Croatia (as current holder of EU presidency), France, Denmark and the Netherlands on the impact that blocing EU

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LGBTI Enlargement Review 2019

In order to ensure an accurate representation of the developments relating to the human rights of LGBTI people ILGA-Europe and ERA, together in c

ERA - Western Balkans and Turkey LGBTI Annual Report 2019

This report is a summary of developments in the countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia) and Turkey from January until December 2018. 

25 Jun

What does 2019 EU Enlargement Package say on LGBTI rights?

Each year the European Commission adopts its "Enlargement package" - a set of documents explaining its policy on EU enlargement.

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The Effect of EU Integration Process on Human Rights of LGBT People in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro

In December of 2014 at the Conference The Effect of EU Integration Process on Human Rights of LGBT People, which was organised in Banja Luka, LGBT activists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro have discussed the advancement of human rights of LGBT people in the context of EU integration process. This process has a great influence on all the countries of the region.


This report presents 41 good practices on combating underreporting and supporting victims of anti-LGBT hate crime that were selected from nine European countries participating in the project “Come Forward”.

The LGBT Community in Turkey: Discrimination, Violence, and the Struggle for Equality

This Article analyzes the social and legal traditions that hinder Turkey’s movement towards equality and respect for human rights and suggests reforms necessary to protect all Turkish citizens, including members of the LGBT community.
These include:
(1) revision of Article 10 of the Constitution to provide express protections based on the categories of sexual orientation and gender identity;
(2) revision of the Penal Code to include sanctions for hate crimes and “honor killings”;

14 Feb

The European Parliament adopts landmark resolution on the rights of intersex people

On the 14 February 2019 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the rights of intersex people in order to ensure the protection of intersex people’s bodily integrity and human rights.

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