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21 Jan

Landmark decision for transgender rights in Kosovo

The Basic Court in Pristina made a landmark decision in December 2019, affirming the right to change both name and sex marker in personal documents to Blert Morina from Kosovo.

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Chemsex - Starting a conversation

Chemsex is defined as “the use of specific drugs (“Chems”) in modern, smartphone-age sexual contexts by gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, and trans persons”. Problematic ChemSex – not drug use and sex per see - are associated with various harms such as a rise in HIV, hepatitis and STI transmissions as well as addictive practices, depression, psychosis, criminal activity and death from overdose or suicide, particularly when involving the use of crystal meth and the injecting of substances. 

Intersex - Towards building an intersectional platform

This is a research produced by Geten: "Intersex - towards building an intersectional platform", which was completed with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Serbia during 2018 and 2019.

14 Feb

The European Parliament adopts landmark resolution on the rights of intersex people

On the 14 February 2019 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the rights of intersex people in order to ensure the protection of intersex people’s bodily integrity and human rights.

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Since the Yogyakarta Principles were adopted in 2006, they have developed into an authoritative statement of the human rights of persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. The period since then has seen significant developments in the field of international human rights law and in the understanding of violations affecting persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities as well as a recognition of the often distinct violations affecting persons on grounds of gender expression and sex characteristics.

30 Jan

Counseling Center for LGBT+ people opened in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian LGBT+ CSO Da se zna!, in cooperation with Belgrade Municipality of Vračar and Institution of Culture “Božidarac“ has launched a Counseling Center for LGBT+ people, a

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ERA Annual Conference 2018 - Against all odds We Claim the Future

ERA’s Annual General Assembly is the biggest LGBTI event organized in the region since 2015. The conference is a lobby, advocacy, capacity building and visibility event which brings together more than 160 participants from across the region, Europe and beyond. LGBTI activists, state officials (governments, Parliaments, equality bodies etc.), donors, researchers, journalists, diplomatic community, representatives of international organizations and members of the local community attend the event.  

Time is now: Voices of our friends as a step towards understanding the lives of lesbian, bisexual and trans women in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This research is an attempt to map the current situation, everyday needs and problems of women overcoming heteronormativity. In this sense, this analysis is also an important contribution to the study of the anthropology of everyday life of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women, as it provides valuable material for the study of the social life of women who, as a group, have their gender, sexual and sexual difference in relation to the majority.



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